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Yngwie 1998 - Brazil

posted in June 4th 2019
We did two shows here for the live album.
For some reason the venue was half full both nights...

I remember that all our backline was ’stuck at customs’...someone eventually paid the ransom and we had a late soundcheck.

We had someone from Brazil providing the pyro, Y of course wanted
the video to look cool. Well, when the pyro went off we had a true
Spinal Tap moment ha ha...the pyro went ’poof’ a couple of feet above the floor and that was it.
Y was pissed off to say the least.

The 2nd night was better, still - check out the end of Rising Force and you’ll see that the smoke shot is actually from some other song.
Not much good pyro shots to choose from ha ha!

Dr Sin (from Brazil) opened for us both shows and in Rio, fun guys. 
Jeff Glixman brought some hard drive system to record
it all, pretty hi-tech at the time.

I have some special release of the live vhs with the live cd
and a Dr Sin cd.
I think Y’s manager Jim Lewis also managed Dr Sin...

On stage with Therion again!

posted in February 19th 2019
Yep, on May 1st I'll share the stage again with my friends in Therion!
Thomas Vikström can't do the show and Christofer asked me!

The festival is in Wroclaw, Poland where you can also enjoy Napalm death & Slade!!

Guest shows with Prins Svart in March!

posted in February 19th 2019
I'm very much looking forward to doing two shows with Prins Svart in march, singer Stefan Berggren is commited to other shows that weekend so they asked me!.
Check this band out, great stuff and it's all in swedish!

March 8th Motala - Bomber Bar
March 9th Helsingborg - Rockbåten



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