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Video 'Out Of The Hollow'

posted in November 19th 2019
Here it is, the third video from the Skyblood album, 'Out Of The Hollow'!


A-Z in XXX years...'R'!

posted in November 18th 2019
First today, an album many people haven't heard I guess:

Project from 2010 by Sami Raatikainen (Necrophagist). A concept album consisting of a 49-minute song.
Enjoyed this a lot, co-wrote some melodies.

The trio of Tim 'Ripper' Owens, Michael Vescera & myself backed by the band Silent Voices.
We recorded one song in 2016  to promote a possible tour but the tour never happened.

My very first band, we rehearsed in my friend Ola's parents garage. Bass player Ken Sandin later played with Swedish Beauty that became Swedish Erotica. Ken also played on the Clinch album (check the 'C' post) that never got released.

Me and Anders Wikström (Treat) finally made an album together again in 2018 - some really good stuff on this one.
Thomas Broman on drums, Anders&I did the rest.

My second band, we actually played a few shows!

Royal Hunt
In 2008 I did 3 shows in Denmark with RH, opening up for Alice Cooper and Deep Purple.
I had met the band maybe 5-6 years earlier to possibly sing with them but it never happened.


A-Z in XXX years...'H-J'!

posted in November 17th 2019
Let's continue with some nerdy info regarding my past 30+ years in the business...'H-J' today!

The absolutely most shortlived band i've been in ha ha...
I quit my job in early 1989 to give music a real chance, Halifax was something I felt could be good.
I can only remember that we did one rehersal...then nothing more!
Guitarist Dragan Stankovic (stage name Dragan Lee Randall!!!), bass player Joel Starander were in the band.

I've been doing backing vocals on the last three Hammerfall albums. It's always a pleasure to work with such
professional and nice guys!

The band that later became Capricorn, check out the post about 'C'.

Hollow Haze
Italian band that needed help with guest vocals in 2015, we also did a video that's in my video section.
Album link:

We did two shows I think!
AC Christell (bass), Thomas Broman (drums) and Niclas 'LödLemmy' (guitar).
We played covers like Jesus Christ Pose with Soundgarden etc.
HTH? Hela Tiden Hårdrock. (hard rock all the time...)

Ice Dragon
Not actually a band, a movie though.
Soundtrack by Daniel Flores (The Murder of My Sweet)  & Jesper Strömblad (Cyhra, In Flames)
They asked me to co-write and sing the song for the end credits, 'Dream in Blue' sounds like this:

Infinite Mass
My best friend Jejo Perkovic plays drums in Infinite Mass, in 2004 I played guitar with them on a couple of tv-shows and one gig. I love these guys.

Jimmy Lagnefors
In 2011 I was asked by Jimmy to help him write a couple of songs for the movie 'Mammas Pojkar'. We ended up writing a whole album with the fictive band Ludor. The brothers in the movie are huge fans of Ludor.
The movie was released around christmas 2012 and sold a lot of tickets in Sweden.
The actual cd can be bought in my merch store. 
We've also played together as a duo at the annual King's Call (remembering Phil Lynott) concert in Stockholm.
Jimmy's a great friend of mine and a fantastic musician/song writer (and he writes scripts too!)
Here's the poster for the movie and a pic from the release party.

Later we recorded some more Ludor songs, it's all available on Spotify:

John Norum
In 1995 I did 4-5 summer festivals with John, his band mate from Europe, John Leven also played on some of them.
The album he promoted was 'Another Destination'. A few years later I did backing vocals on his album 'Slipped Into Tomorrow' from 1999.
In 2018 I sang a Europe medley for the band when they were inducted into the Swedish Hall of Fame.

Johnny Salamander
I played bass&backing vocals at the Eurovision Song Contest in Latvia 2007 with artist Johnny Salamander and his daughter. My old friend and great singer Thomas Vikström played keytar&backing vocals!
Geir Rönning played guitar&backing vocals.

How about this line-up ha ha...and the fake Marshalls:

Jupiter Society
My old friend (from Abstrakt Algebra & Krux) Carl Westholm's project. There are three albums available, I song
on a couple of songs on each of them (and some guitar and drums as well). I like this a lot.
Check out 'Into the Dark':

Jurassic Priest
Friends of mine had this Judas Priest tribute band in the 90's - I stepped in and did one show with them.



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