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A-Z in XXX years...'N-P!

posted in November 16th 2019
Hi folks,
Three letters today, N O and P:

I did backing vocals on their album 'Enter The Gate' from 2006.

Naski Corelo
Another album I really haven't seen released, still I have some cd's that Naski sent me.
I'm selling some in my merch store, I remember now that I co-wrote all of the songs.

Nina Söderquist
We've known each other since 2009 when I did backing vocals at the Eurovision Song Contest
for her song 'Tick Tock'. Later I did backing vocals on some song for an album, not sure if it was released...

Nubian Rose
I did backing vocals for their first two albums from 2012&2014. I also recorded & produced the vocals on
the second album. Check out the duet I did with Sofia on the first album!

Nuclear Blast Allstars
I do one song on this one, the 20 year anniversary of record company Nuclear Blast - 'Into The Light'
The song 'Death Is Alive' was written by Victor Smolski and was on a Rage demo initially.
Jen Majura (Evanescence) is doing some vocals as well on the track.

Opera Diabolicus
I was one of the vocalists on the album '1614' from 2012. 
Right now I'm doing some vocals for their second album, great material!

Friends of mine from Gothenburg, I've been a guest with them a couple of times every year for more or less
the last 10 years. A professional cover band with very versatile musicians, on top of it all - great people!
Sometimes we do shows with Mikkey Dee (Motorhead, Scorpions) and other artists.

This is an odd one! Initially I was part of writing (with Anders Wikström & Peter Månsson) a song for Treat, it ended up being a single with japanese girl group Passpo instead called 'Next Flight'. Passpo also recorded another old song that Anders, I & Jamie Borger wrote for Treat in 1990-91, they renamed it 'Bathtub' ha ha...

The Poodles
I did backing vocals in 2006 at the Eurovision Song Contest with The Poodles.
Here's the track 'Thunderball' I wrote for their second album in 2007.

Pretty Vacants
Did a few shows in 2010 with Jolle Atlagic (Hanoi Rocks, Electric Boys), AC Christell (Electric Boys) and Marcus Jidell (Avatarium) - just for fun. Check out the link to see some of the songs we did.

Prins Svart
Great band, hard rock with swedish lyrics. I stepped in and did 2 shows in 2019 when singer Stefan was unavailable.

A-Z in XXX years...'X-Z'!

posted in November 15th 2019
The release date for the Skyblood album is just a week away!
I wanna be done with the A-Z countdown until then, so here are 3 letters at once: X-Z!!

X is a hard one, I was thinking about writing about my involvment in X-World5 but I should probably
just save that story for my friends ha ha...

I got another one though!

My friend and guitar player Howie Simon put this together for the Monsters Of Rock Cruise 2016 in Miami.
Since I was already there (with Gus G) and Jeff Scott Soto was there (with Soto), we could pull this one off.
Michael Vescera was also brought in together with B.J. Zampa (drums), Mick Cervino (bass), ? (keys) -
Yngwie extravaganza ha ha!

Yngwie Malmsteen
Maybe the most important gig of my career was joining Yngwie in early 1997.
Of course I have so many memories&stories from my 18 months doing this.
I will soon start writing newsletters & stories from the past regarding for example Yngwie.
Expect a longer text then!

Anyway, here's a link to the album 'Facing The Animal' that we did:

I finally remembered a 'Z'-act ha ha...I did some backing vocals on Zifa's album 'The Last Dog' in 1997.

Early 2019 I did record an album with a finnish project with a 'Z'-name but the name's been changed...
Hope that stuff gets released in 2020, sounds a bit like Ghost meets Bowie...

A-Z in XXX years...'E'!

posted in November 14th 2019
So, a way shorter list today when we look at the letter 'E'!

Essence of Sorrow
I sang on 4-5 songs on their album 'Reflections of the Obscure´ from 2007.

Band from Greece, did the album Afterbirth in 2012.
Check out the song 'The Serpent Hunt' in the video section!

Good night, M.



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