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A-Z in XXX years...'C'!

posted in November 13th 2019
This will be a looooong one...why so many acts starting on C??

My first contact with Candlemass was in 1992, we opened up for them with Treat at a show in Stockholm (Daily's).
A few years later I started working with Leif Edling in Abstrakt Algebra.

Me and Leif became friends and around 2002 he had a new project he wanted me to sing in - Krux.
Around this time I also started helping Leif recording demos for Candlemass.
I recorded all the instruments/vocals myself in my studio (Leif played the bass) and we deliberately did it super-fast so it would just be a very basic presentation of the songs to the guys in the band that noone else would hear anyway.
(at least, that's what I naively thought ha ha...) 
In 2002 I also helped Candlemass as a roadie at the Sweden Rock Festival, I was happy to get a ticket in!

In 2004, Candlemass were again looking for a new singer (it didn't work out with Messiah).
I helped them recording two songs (Witches and Black Dwarf) that they would present to Tony Martin (ex-Black Sabbath). The plan was to release an album called Candlemass feat. Tony Martin.
That didn't work out, so they got Messiah back again.
After the release of their white album (on Nuclear Blast) in 2005, I continued making new demos with Leif.
Sometimes I didn't know if it was for Candlemass or Krux I guess...I actually remember playing a festival with Therion, I met Jaap Wagemaker from Nuclear Blast and played him some Krux demos from my iPod. 
Jaap said 'Oh, I recognize some of that!'. Leif had presented it for Jaap as possible Candlemass songs.

In 2006, Candlemass started recording the album 'King of the Grey Islands'. Again, they broke up with Messiah and didn't have a singer...I helped them to record vocals on the whole album at Chris Laney's studio (took about 3 hours) just so they could show Nuclear Blast what the songs sounded like. Eventually they found Robert Lowe to sing on the album. 

On March 31st 2007, I sang Black Dwarf at their 20-year anniversary show in Stockholm. (That same afternoon I actually quit Therion as well)

On a train to Sweden Rock Festival in 2008, I had just met my future wife 20 seconds earlier when my phone rang.
It was Leif and Mappe calling from some bar in Arizona and they were fed up with Robert Lowe already.
They wanted me to consider joining the band. I didn't and they gave Rob another chance.

In 2008 I did backing vocals on the EP 'Lucifer Rising' + did it live with them on the Sweden Rock Cruise.

In 2012 Rob was fired after the recording of 'Psalms for the dead'.
Candlemass had a release party + a couple of shows booked. They asked me if I could help them and I did.
I made sure to learn all the lyrics by heart and just went for it. It was great.

From the start, I said I was just helping them out and didn't want to be the official new singer for several reasons.
However, in 2015 we announced that I was the new singer and we released an EP ''Death Thy Lover'.

In 2017 we started discussions regarding the 'House of Doom' game + a potential new record.
This felt like a great chance for the band to reach a new audience + giving Leif the energy to write a new album.

The EP 'House of Doom' was released in 2018 and more or less at the same time we recorded the new album 
'The Door to Doom'. Tony Iommi was guest on the album and Tobias from Ghost helped us out in several ways on the limited edition EP + getting us to play with him at the Polar Music Awards for Metallica - the future looked promising.

I won't get into details regarding all the weird mails that flew around that hot summer.
All I know is that the split in august was the best thing that could happen to both the band and myself.
They're doing great with Johan behind the mic now and I got my solo contract with Skyblood!

My first two bands in Mölndal (outside of Gothenburg) were called Rescue and Rionfog.
That was sometime around 1981-82. We played at a band competition with Rionfog and another more experienced band called Hardware saw me. They were from Gothenburg and at the audition we did some Deep Purple stuff.
The thing was, I knew practically everything by DP and how Ian Gillan sang the Made In Japan songs...I had never actually sung them though...So, at that audition I suddenly realised that I could sing that stuff which was a pretty cool experience. 
Anyway, we later changed the name to Capricorn and recorded our own MC (cassette tape) in 1985.
In 1986 we won a band competition, the prize was to record a 7" vinyl single (300 or 500 copies)
I still have some brand new copies, I'll have them for sale soon in my merch shop.

In 1987 (?) we participated in something called Rock-SM that was a band competition all over Sweden.
We won that first night at Kåren in Gothenburg but later lost at the west coast final.

Carola Häggkvist
In 2011-12 we started doing shows with Metal Allstars.
Kicken (drums) knew Carola and they came up with the idea of us backing her at a show in Malmö to coincide with the big Eurovision Song Contest final. So we did! I was a keyboard player (+ backing vocals) for the first time in my life, nervewrecking but fun!

Clip from the show:

C.C. DeVille
I got a call in early 1994 (I think...) from the manager of Poison & C.C. DeVille
C.C. had heard the Treat album (I think producer Joey Balin gave it to him) and wanted me to front his new band.
It was James Kottak on drums from Kingdom Come (and later Scorpions and Warrant) Tommy Henriksen from Warlock (today Tommy plays with Alice Cooper).

Flight tickets were booked to LA and then nothing happened ha ha...later I was told that the A&R guy at Hollywood Records was fired and C.C. lost the deal...probably all bullshit though ha ha!
Today I know that Kelly Hansen (Foreigner) was in the band first, it was called Needle Park.
I've met both James and Tommy later on and they both confirmed things were crazy, drugs involved etc...

Here's what Kelly Hansen had to say about it...

Cem Köksal
I did an EP + a tour in Turkey with Cem, very nice guy!

Chris Laney
Old friend of mine, we co-wrote a couple of songs for his Laney's Legion.
Check out 'Taste of your tongue':

Christmas Metal Symphony
I was a part of this event at 013 in Tilburg both in 2009 & 2010.
Awesome band and many great singers incl. Jorn, Doro, Russell Allen, Udo, Floor Jansen, Chuck Billy etc...

Here's a clip with Cristina Scabbia (Lacuna Coil) and me:

Classic Rock Allstars
We did a couple of shows for fun in 2013 (?).
Ryan Roxie (Alice Cooper) and Seven Antonopoulos (Channel Zero) amongst others.
A clip from a show with the late and great Jack Mittleman:

This is one of the few albums I've done that never got released.
The band behind Tony Jelencovich in Transport League contacted me in 2004(?).
Together we re-arranged their songs and I wrote melodies+lyrics for maybe 10 songs.
It's a drag it never got released, some really great stuff!

Crash The System
From 2009, a project from Daniel Flores and Sören Kronqvist.
I helped them with vocals (and some co-writing) on a couple of songs.

Crazy Lixx
Did backing vocals for their self-titled album in 2014. 

Crew Slut
When we put Treat to rest in 1993, me and Anders Wikström still wanted to play together.
We formed Crew Slut (took the name from a F Zappa song) with Niclas Sigevall (drums) from Electric Boys and Nippe Fästader (bass) from Great King Rat.
It was just a cover band but I had my hopes that we maybe could write our own stuff later on...

We did some 20 shows that spring/summer and it was awesome, some of the songs we did:
Hunger Strike - Temple of The Dog
Outshined - Soundgarden
Walk - Pantera
Crazy Horses - Osmonds
Give It Away - Red Hot Chili Peppers
Toys In The Attic - Aerosmith

Good times!

Guest vocals in 2011 on the song Thorns, check it out!

Crucified Barbara
I produced their album 'Til Death Do Us Party' in 2008 and co-wrote some songs + did backing vocals.
Also some lead vocals on the single 'Jennyfer'.

In 2010 I produced their song 'Heaven or Hell' for the Eurovision Song Contest in Sweden.

Album link:

That's it for the letter 'C'!!

A-Z in XXX years...'F'!

posted in November 11th 2019
A couple of bands (incl some really great friends of mine) starting with the letter 'F'!!

I think it was around 2007 that Gus G asked me if I could help his band Firewind with a US tour.
I had shows with Therion, so I had to say no. In 2011 however, they needed help again and we did a EU tour
together with Wolf. I love the guys in Firewind, fun and great to hang with + awesome musicians!

While we were both in Candlemass, lead guitarist Lasse Johansson asked me to co-write and sing on his album 
Fat.Mo.Mac. Totally different to Candlemass, bluesy stuff. Lasse is fantastic, quite an underrated player!

Argentinian project Full Nothing contacted me 4-5 years ago, since then I've been participating on their 2 first albums. Check out the great song & video for 'Return'  in my video section. I actually got to meet them when I played in Buenos Aires with Candlemass in 2016 - thanks for the fantastic dinner guys!

Danish guitarist Torben Enevoldsen had a project called Fatal Force, I co-wrote and recorded the first album in 2006.
Some really good songs on that one and I was inspired doing the vocals I remember.
We had previously recorded 'Space Trucking' for a Ritchie Blackmore Tribute.

A-Z in XXX years...'Q'!

posted in November 5th 2019
Hi again,

The letter Q...can only think of one thing I've done starting with Q:

Queen Symphonic Rhapsody 
My old singer friend Tomas Wikström and I was at Snowy Shaw's concert in Gothenburg 2011.
Tomas asked me if I'd be interested in this spanish Queen production, so in 2011-2012 I did a couple of 
tours in Spain with Tomas and 2 female singers + band + orchestra. 

In 2017 I was back for 3 summer shows in Alicante, Malaga and Murcia.
Had a great time with Tomas, Patti Russo, Danny Vaughn, Nick Workman, Tommy Heart and Gabriela Armendariz and Christian Vidal on guitar.

That's it!



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