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Skyblood track commentary No.1 'The Not Forgotten'

posted in October 24th 2019

A-Z in 30 Years!

posted in October 22th 2019
Ok, let's continue with 'L'.
In 2012 Jimmy Lagnefors and I wrote songs for Ludor, a band in a movie (Mammas Pojkar)
directed by acclaimed swedish director Ulf Malmros. (Buy the Ludor cd in my merch store!)
It was actually Ulf who directed the Swedish Erotica video 'Rock 'n' Roll City some 20 years earlier...

I did backing vocals on 3 albums with Lion's Share.
I sang on a couple of demos that were included on a Leif Edling retrospective cd.
Some backing vocals and tv-shows with Little Chris.
Did a song with something called London Below....

Also, used to do shows many years ago in Stockholm with LA Roxx - playing Dokken, Ratt etc, good times!
That band included Jamie Borger (drums), Fredrik Åkesson (guitar), Chris Goldsmith/Johan Niemann (bass)

That's it? Mail me if I forgot something...

A-Z in 30 Years!

posted in October 21th 2019
Someone asked me (regarding all the stuff I've done):'You must have gone through every letter in the alphabet, right?'
A couple of days later, I thought about that and actually started writing down the stuff I could remember...

So, today's letter is S!

It all started with SWEDISH EROTICA 30 years ago, almost to this very day.
And of course I will release SKYBLOOD on November 22nd.

The only other S-recordings I can remember are SOUTHPAW and SABBTAIL.
Also, backing vocals/guest vocals with SHINETH and SVULLO...
And I did actually play in SABATON's soccer team twice ha ha...

Who knows, one day I might actually record that S&M album with Snowy Shaw?



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