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Swedish Erotica in UK 1990.

posted in July 9th 2019

In early 1990 Swedish Erotica did 2 promo-shows in the UK, London and Dudley.

Of course the album wasn’t even available in the shops when we got there ha ha…


For some reason we were booked at Astoria in London, a venue for way bigger artists than us.

We were surprised that there was a decent number of people in the audience considering we had

absolutely no promotion or stuff in the shops. We soon understood the audience just waited for the strippers

to enter the stage…they got 5 blokes from Gothenburg instead with all backing vocals on a DAT-tape.


This was the first time I ever played outside of Scandinavia ,so imagine the joy when the pre-recorded backing vocals for  the extra number suddenly blasted through the PA while I was trying to say something smart in english…

Our drummer BC accidently didn’t hit the stop button on the DAT after the previous song…


When we recorded the backing vocals for the album in 1989 - I still wasn’t in the band.

So I screamed my heart out overdubbing etc, never really considering that the guys in the band couldn’t replicate it on stage later on. After I joined, we soon realised we had to use backing tracks…

Another band joined us for the 2 UK shows, L.O. Girls.
I always remembered the drummer Adam Parsons because he had a bicycle wheel instead of a ride cymbal and his name on the two kick drums.
26 years later I happened to meet him at Barcelona Rock Fest, he managed or worked with Black Star Raiders.

I've played at Astoria a couple of times through the years but never on the big stage, just the Mean Fiddler downstairs. 

Treat - Germany 1992

posted in June 19th 2019
This was my first real tour outside of Sweden, we did about 3 weeks in december 1992 co-headlining with Chroming Rose all over Germany. Erotic Jesus opened the night, they crashed with their bus though and had to cancel some of the last shows.

I remember we played a city called Kamp Lintfort, never been there again ha ha...
In general, it was probably weird for some fans who expected the old-style Treat while we mentally were heading in a different direction. "World of Promises" was one of the bigger old hits but I refused to play it, during the last show in Hamburg we did it though - our TM Frank Süpfle liked it ha ha...I gave him my Stiga Hockey game as well that I'd brought for the tour.

The days of grunge had arrived and Anders (guitar) and I liked a lot of the new stuff coming, we actually wanted to start fresh with a new band name before that Treat album came out in 1992.
Wasn't very popular with the management & record company though...

After the tour, Joe wanted to quit and Treat was soon put to rest.
We did our last show at Dixie Queen in Stockholm in early 1993.

Krux 2012 - House of Metal

posted in June 11th 2019
House of Metal in Umeå was one of the two last shows we did with Krux in march 2012.
(the other one was the Sweden Rock cruise)

Fredrik Åkesson couldn't do them so Marcus Jidell helped us out.
Marcus had played with Krux before as well, at 013 in Tilburg one time when actually
Mappe from Candlemass played the other guitar instead of Jörgen Sandström.

One odd thing happened in Umeå, at the end of 'The Hades Assembly' I suddenly realized I had to do Jörgen's growl vocals since he didn't have a microphone...did he have a soar throat? I don't remember...
I've never really growled before and I didn't know the lyrics either, felt like an idiot but did some fake lyrics and sounds ha ha...

Of all the stuff I've recorded and played with since the mid-80's, Krux is the favorite.
Great bunch of guys and great music.




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