Skyblood -'Out Of The Hollow'
  Skyblood -'The Not Forgotten'
  Skyblood - 'The Voice'
  Ghost+Candlemass ”Enter Sandman”
  Skyblood Teaser
  Therion-Son Of The Staves Of Time
  Everdome-The Serpent Hunt
  Monsters of Metal - 'Welcome Home'
  Full Nothing - 'Return'
  Full Nothing - Midnight Warning
  TSO-Christmas Nights In Blue
  GUS G 'My Will Be Done'
  GUS G 'Eyes Wide Open'
  Opera Diabolicus-Blood Countess Bathory
  Hollow Haze - 'Silvertown'
  Candlemass 'Bewitched' (Live)
  Therion 'Lemuria' (Live)
  Y. Malmsteen 'Braveheart' (Live)



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