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A-Z in XXX years...'B'!

posted in November 23th 2019
Okey, a few acts left to write about from my 'B'! 

The Bear Quartet
I sang on 2 songs on their album 'Eternity Now', great guys. A pic from the session.

Big Swede
Big Swede is from Gothenburg but lives in Los Angeles.
I did a song with his project Refurbished on the track 'Telepathic Phenomenon'

Boys Are Back In Town
Those guys had done a swedish tour in the 80's, in 1994 they did another one.
It was John Norum (Europe) and other famous names in Sweden.
I replaced Matti Alfonzetti (Skintrade) on four shows that he couldn't do. Good memories!

Brat Pack
A short-lived cover band in Gothenburg I was in before I joined Swedish Erotica in 1989.
Petter Sandberg was the first singer but he joined Alien and I replaced him for a number of shows.

British Steel
Another cover band ha ha...Jamie Borger (drums), Johan Niemann (bass) and Fredrik Åkesson (guitar).
Did some shows in early 2000, sometimes the same line-up played under the name LA Roxx.

Bröderna Lebacks Trio
And acoustic cover band!!
In the mid-90's, MTV Unplugged got popular and I had this acoustic trio with mainly Pontus Norgren (Hammerfall, Great King Rat) and Nippe Fästader (Great King Rat).

Skyblood Album is out!

posted in November 23th 2019
Finally the whole album is available on all digital platforms and of course you can buy the cd & vinyl at:

A-Z in XXX years...'D+K'!

posted in November 21th 2019
Let's dissect the letters D+K today:

Dali's Dilemma
I flew to San José, CA in 2003 to co-write and record an album with these fine gentlemen.
We recorded vocals in a vocal booth put up in a kitchen and it worked out great.
The guys bought me a ticket to an NHL-game (San José-Montreal Canadiens), thanks again!
We shot some promo pics in San Fransisco, my first visit there.

The album was never realeased, I guess they never found a label. A couple of years later, I met DD keyboard
player Matt Guillory in Tilburg (he was touring with James LaBrie, me with At Vance) and after that I got
the rough mixes of the album.

Damage Done
Maybe I should have put this under 'P' and Pontus Norgren, always called this thing Damage Done though...
This was Pontus Norgren's (Hammerfall, Great King Rat) solo album, he previously had worked with singer Patrik Isaksson who in 1999 suddenly had a big radio hit in Sweden on his own.
I think we recorded this in 1999 at the Park studio (where Opeth recorded their new album), old friend Thomas Broman on drums and Chris Goldsmith on bass. 

This was a project from Gothenburg with my old friend (from Capricorn) Anders Skoog on keyboards.
Guitar player Martin Kronlund had a studio and they needed help with vocals on an album, it was released in 2000.
Through the years I co-wrote and recorded another two albums with them, classic rock style.

Double Trouble
This was eventually what made me quit my job and leave Mölndal for good in late 1988.
This was a cover band in Gothenburg that consisted of Swedish Erotica members + myself.
We had gotten in contact when I helped them with backing vocals on a demo (when they were still called Swedish Beauty and Jamie Borger, Ken Sandin, Dan Stomberg and Andy LaRocque were the members)
While playing with DT, I was asked to join Swedish Erotica but I declined. They had a demo with Göran Edman guesting on vocals and later got a deal in the summer of 1988 with Virgin Records.

In 1989 I was asked again to join and I did. Here's a pic of Jonas and Manko before a DT show in Gothenburg.

Kaliber 44
I remember doing backing vocals for this swedish band, was it released??? I don't know...
Or were they called 44 Caliber? Sorry...

Well, of course I've never played with Kamelot but I almost did ha ha...
I toured with Kamelot twice, opening up for them in 2003 with At Vance and in 2010 with Adagio.
In september 2010 me and Lotta were getting married and prior to that, all kinds of weird mails appeared to confuse me in order to eventually hijack me for an inevitable bachelor party - I couldn't trust anything I read.
One of the mails was from Kamelot. They needed help with a US tour (Roy had just left the band) and rehersals would start in Tampa a few days after our marriage.
At first I absolutely thought it was a joke set up by our mutual friend Snowy Shaw...I answered politely that I couldn't do it because of us getting married just a few days before rehearsals. Of course it was no joke...would have loved to share the stage with the guys but the wife&marriage was priority No.1 this time!

King's Call
Around january 4th every year (since 2009), some swedish musicians celebrate the memory of Phil Lynott and his work. I've been a guest several times and it's always great to hook up with friends and play some great music.

Koen Herfst
I met Koen at the Christmas Metal Symphony in 2008&2009 where he was the drummer.
In 2015 we co-wrote two songs that appeared on Koen's solo album Back To Balance, Pt. 1

Together with my new Skyblood album, Krux is my favorite band/project from my first 30 years.
Formed by Leif Edling in 2002, we recorded three albums and I recommend them all.
The other members:
Fredrik Åkesson (Opeth), Jörgen Sandström (Entombed), Peter Stjärnvind (Entombed), Carl Westholm (Carptree).




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